What Is AllSport Tip 8

The ALLSPORT TIPPING COMPETITION is played in sports bars, trendy bars, country pubs, clubs and hotels large and small throughout NZ. It's so easy for you, the operator, to manage. From a list of sporting fixtures supplied every week, you simply choose eight and write them up on your Fixtures Board supplied. Patrons register to play and pick (Tip) the winner of each of the games you have chosen. Points for correctly tipping winners accumulate weekly, going up on the Tipping Scooreboard for all to see.

The Ultimate aim for your customers is to correctly tip the 8 winners in the weeks events, to claim the jackpot.

The Scoreboard and Fixtures Board quickly become a focal point in the bar, where players gather to check there progress, and have a drink with friends. Patrons, Landlords, Staff - everyone can get into the spirit and play TIP-8. And its a game for women as well and men.