What People Think

HAVELOCK NORTH CLUB - Dave Jones, Manager:
"..Our club is playing AllSport Tipping again this year. The interest generated amongst our members is beyond expectations, and enjoyed equally by both men and women.."

LOCK STOCK AND BARREL, Hamilton - John, Proprietor:
"..AllSport Tipping has been so strong in our previous outlet, it enabled us to relocate and successfully maintain our strong client base. The Tipping programme as a whole creates a huge atmosphere that lasts, The AllSport team has remained to provide excellent service over the years.."

NORTHERN TAVERN, Invercargill - Edgar Potter, Manager:
"..We've had a full board of 50 players from kick off, subsequently we get a big turnout on Friday night... common talking point for all - with great mutual rewards, AllSport Tipping generates interest - good public relations and revenue.."