HANZ Discounts


A generous 10% Introductory Discount is offered to all current HANZ members.

15% Discount for HANZ members participating the following year.

20% Discount for a second package purchased in the same year.

Outlet must be a current financial HANZ member.


For current AllSport Tipping (Intl)Ltd customers:

Purchased Tip 8 the previous year 10% Discount

Purchased Tip 8 previouis 2 years 15% Discount

Purchased super 12 (in the same year) and buy NPC that year for 20% Discount

(Hanz Discounts can not be added to Loyalty Discounts)

Rose & Crown Olde English Pub, Palmerston North - John Griggs, Proprietor:
".....participating in the TIP 8 programme is a great way to introduce new
customers into the establishment, clientele has become more loyal.
The most obvious benefit is a noticable increase in turnover, created by more regular
patronage and the fun environment this programme creates."